Monday, January 3, 2011

Bringing in 2011 with a SCREAM!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!! Well, it's 2011 and I know I am a bit late on getting to these new years blogging festivities but I rung in the new year sick! I had a high fever and the chills not to mention a really nasty cough. I am starting to feel better now (that's right you can all sigh with relief SI is still kicking lol)

Just because The year started out lousy for me does not mean at all that I will make things lousy for you. In fact just the opposite! Screaming Ink is headed into 2011 full blast to give you all the best prices and deals that we always have!

There will be quite a bit of changes here in 2011, one being our new price list. We did have to update our price list but don't worry SI still will do all we can to save you all the money we can on top of the best prices and deals you can find. (We will meet or beat any deal or price from any other printer in Bristol or Plymouth county's!!) SI is in hopes to finnish up our website in the next month or so. It has been in the works for the past year because Screaming Ink's web guy lost his home during the flooding in Cranston RI. at the beginning of '10. As far as we know Mr. Englund has rebuilt his home and things are looking up for him. Of course we will keep you updated with any news on that situation. If Dave is reading this we all hope you are doing well and look forward to a fresh start headed into 2011!

This month if you order 50 shirts or more just mention this blog in your order and get yourself 10% off your entire invoice!! But wait, that's not the best part. You can also join this blog and receive and additional 10% off for a total of 20% off!! For doing nothing but involving yourself with my crazy rambling here on blogger :). (You don't even have to read the blog, just join so it looks like someone is reading my rants lol.)

We look forward to meeting and working with all you crazy nut jobs in the upcoming year! Till then stay safe and we will be talking soon.