Monday, January 3, 2011

Bringing in 2011 with a SCREAM!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!! Well, it's 2011 and I know I am a bit late on getting to these new years blogging festivities but I rung in the new year sick! I had a high fever and the chills not to mention a really nasty cough. I am starting to feel better now (that's right you can all sigh with relief SI is still kicking lol)

Just because The year started out lousy for me does not mean at all that I will make things lousy for you. In fact just the opposite! Screaming Ink is headed into 2011 full blast to give you all the best prices and deals that we always have!

There will be quite a bit of changes here in 2011, one being our new price list. We did have to update our price list but don't worry SI still will do all we can to save you all the money we can on top of the best prices and deals you can find. (We will meet or beat any deal or price from any other printer in Bristol or Plymouth county's!!) SI is in hopes to finnish up our website in the next month or so. It has been in the works for the past year because Screaming Ink's web guy lost his home during the flooding in Cranston RI. at the beginning of '10. As far as we know Mr. Englund has rebuilt his home and things are looking up for him. Of course we will keep you updated with any news on that situation. If Dave is reading this we all hope you are doing well and look forward to a fresh start headed into 2011!

This month if you order 50 shirts or more just mention this blog in your order and get yourself 10% off your entire invoice!! But wait, that's not the best part. You can also join this blog and receive and additional 10% off for a total of 20% off!! For doing nothing but involving yourself with my crazy rambling here on blogger :). (You don't even have to read the blog, just join so it looks like someone is reading my rants lol.)

We look forward to meeting and working with all you crazy nut jobs in the upcoming year! Till then stay safe and we will be talking soon.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Commercial Screen Supply SUCKS!!!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this blog really quick about a really sucky company called "Commercial Screen Supply" or "The Art Experience" in Avon MA

Normaly I don't like to publicly bash anyone because normally I feel my thoughts are my thoughts and they do not need to be paraded up and down the street, but I will make an exception here.

This place is out of.control and I hope they go out pd business. (with the way Jay does business over there it is only a matter of time) Here are a few examples of how rediculels this place is getting...1. I worked at Comm Screen Supply as my Co Op job on high school. While I worked there the screen printing supply warehouse was open to the public and you could go back there, shop, get what you need and then leave. Now they have decided to move all the printing supplys to the back warehouse with a pin code lock on it so there is no more shopping. Now you have to know what you want when you go in tell them and they go get it. That not only makes me uncofotable but it is costing them business. I may go in there thing but as I was getting it I noticed I need.a few more things, and decide while I'm here I should buy this and this too.

Not that that place can afford to be costing themselfs money like that seeing how another local business I spoke with was telling me how he bought a wrong item from there, did NOT open it, took it back and tried to return it. Jay said "We don't do returns" so my friend says "What do you mean? I just bought this, didn't open it need; to return it and you won't? That is bull s**t.". He said if you don't let me return this I will take my multi thousand dollar account and take my business elsewhere." Jay waved at him and said, and I quote "Bye". Now that's a crafty sales man and business owner if I ever saw one ha ha ha.

Not only that but you can now not bring any type bag into the store. No purses even!! I know they don't want people to steal, and there is a lot of loose art supplies but if you are going to steal (not that I have stollen from there even if I felt he deserves it.) someone checking my bag at the door will most definetly not stop me. I think it is a dumb pointless rule.

Jay is a rude a hole to deal with most of the time. Every time my second job goes to buy something from there they are out of stock and they sell a cheaper crappier product to replace what you asked for. The place is way.over priced for the crappy service and lack of in stock product they have.

Screaming Ink gives Commercial Screen Supply two thumbs down! I recommend no one support this business. I for one will be switching to Performance Screen Supply. They are friendly, always have what I need, and ship within one day! Now that is service!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nes Clothing is making Screaming Ink's owner and customers SCREAM!

Screaming Ink would like to apologize for NES CLOTHING'S incompetence lately. If you are a current customer or a potential future customer NES has been dropping the ball lately, I am pretty sick of it. Even though it is not my fault, when a customer wants a specific item, I say no problem, and I go to order it and it is out of stock either in the,color I need, or is out of stock in one particular size, it makes me look like a jack ass. They are a clothing provider, when they are out of stock on the most common items like black and white tee shirts!! that is like walking into a restaurant and being told they can't serve you because they are out of food. NES Clothing, you need to get on the ball, or Screaming Ink will be in search of a new clothing provider!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey all Blog attics, it has been a while since I have had a chance to talk to you all here on the ol' blog.

Well, October is right around the corner and as I am sure you all know that means breast cancer awareness month. That also means that Screaming Ink is right there to not only to be your number one merchandise source but during the month of October we also want to be your number one charity spot!!

On sale now, Screaming Ink will be selling the breast cancer awareness tees you see below for the low price of $10 per shirt! When you involve yourself in charity benefits here at Screaming Ink you know 100% of your donation goes directly to it's related charity! There is no "taking some off the top" here. The money goes directly to people less fortunate than ourselves, and that is where it belongs!

So please support and show your love to the women (and men) in your life that have or are suffering with this horrible sickness. I am sure they and everyone that breast cancer has affected will be thankful for any help you can provide.

Thank you in advance for all your generous donations!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey Everyone! Long time no blog. That is because I have been stuck behind the press for the past few week playing catch up... Almost there... Anyway there is some catching up to do here on the blog since it has been so long since my last post. So here we go....

First, I will like to congratulate our boys in Candlelight Red who WON the KISS contest!!! They opened for the rock legends and from what I hear tore up the stage! I was not able to make it to PA myself but would like to give Candle Light proper respects for their victory. They have sure worked hard, paid their dues and they deserved it. GOOD JOB GUYS!!

For those of you who do not know already, Screaming Ink has a new phone number. SI's old number is no longer in service PLEASE BE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT TRY OR MISTAKENLY CALL THE OLD NUMBER!! Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding. Screaming Ink's new phone number is 774-269-1848.

Like I said before, Screaming Ink is very close to getting all caught up with our print work so keep an eye on this blog. There may be a contest very soon where you could win yourself some FREE MERCHANDISE!!

Well I gotta run, Catch you all later! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010


YOU WANTED THE BEST! YOU GOT THE BEST! Now you all now have the power to see to it that the BEST have a chance to open for the BEST!

GO TO And vote for one of the hardert working talented bands that I know! CANDLELIGHT RED! I am happy to say that, Sreaming Ink is a proud sponsor of CANDLELIGHT RED! By casting your vote you will be helping these hard working guys grace the same stage as the almighty KISS! Take it from me, THESE GUYSE DESERVE THIS! SO GO CAST YOUR VOTE NOW!