Thursday, October 14, 2010

Commercial Screen Supply SUCKS!!!

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post this blog really quick about a really sucky company called "Commercial Screen Supply" or "The Art Experience" in Avon MA

Normaly I don't like to publicly bash anyone because normally I feel my thoughts are my thoughts and they do not need to be paraded up and down the street, but I will make an exception here.

This place is out of.control and I hope they go out pd business. (with the way Jay does business over there it is only a matter of time) Here are a few examples of how rediculels this place is getting...1. I worked at Comm Screen Supply as my Co Op job on high school. While I worked there the screen printing supply warehouse was open to the public and you could go back there, shop, get what you need and then leave. Now they have decided to move all the printing supplys to the back warehouse with a pin code lock on it so there is no more shopping. Now you have to know what you want when you go in tell them and they go get it. That not only makes me uncofotable but it is costing them business. I may go in there thing but as I was getting it I noticed I need.a few more things, and decide while I'm here I should buy this and this too.

Not that that place can afford to be costing themselfs money like that seeing how another local business I spoke with was telling me how he bought a wrong item from there, did NOT open it, took it back and tried to return it. Jay said "We don't do returns" so my friend says "What do you mean? I just bought this, didn't open it need; to return it and you won't? That is bull s**t.". He said if you don't let me return this I will take my multi thousand dollar account and take my business elsewhere." Jay waved at him and said, and I quote "Bye". Now that's a crafty sales man and business owner if I ever saw one ha ha ha.

Not only that but you can now not bring any type bag into the store. No purses even!! I know they don't want people to steal, and there is a lot of loose art supplies but if you are going to steal (not that I have stollen from there even if I felt he deserves it.) someone checking my bag at the door will most definetly not stop me. I think it is a dumb pointless rule.

Jay is a rude a hole to deal with most of the time. Every time my second job goes to buy something from there they are out of stock and they sell a cheaper crappier product to replace what you asked for. The place is way.over priced for the crappy service and lack of in stock product they have.

Screaming Ink gives Commercial Screen Supply two thumbs down! I recommend no one support this business. I for one will be switching to Performance Screen Supply. They are friendly, always have what I need, and ship within one day! Now that is service!
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nes Clothing is making Screaming Ink's owner and customers SCREAM!

Screaming Ink would like to apologize for NES CLOTHING'S incompetence lately. If you are a current customer or a potential future customer NES has been dropping the ball lately, I am pretty sick of it. Even though it is not my fault, when a customer wants a specific item, I say no problem, and I go to order it and it is out of stock either in the,color I need, or is out of stock in one particular size, it makes me look like a jack ass. They are a clothing provider, when they are out of stock on the most common items like black and white tee shirts!! that is like walking into a restaurant and being told they can't serve you because they are out of food. NES Clothing, you need to get on the ball, or Screaming Ink will be in search of a new clothing provider!
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send your order to

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey all Blog attics, it has been a while since I have had a chance to talk to you all here on the ol' blog.

Well, October is right around the corner and as I am sure you all know that means breast cancer awareness month. That also means that Screaming Ink is right there to not only to be your number one merchandise source but during the month of October we also want to be your number one charity spot!!

On sale now, Screaming Ink will be selling the breast cancer awareness tees you see below for the low price of $10 per shirt! When you involve yourself in charity benefits here at Screaming Ink you know 100% of your donation goes directly to it's related charity! There is no "taking some off the top" here. The money goes directly to people less fortunate than ourselves, and that is where it belongs!

So please support and show your love to the women (and men) in your life that have or are suffering with this horrible sickness. I am sure they and everyone that breast cancer has affected will be thankful for any help you can provide.

Thank you in advance for all your generous donations!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hey Everyone! Long time no blog. That is because I have been stuck behind the press for the past few week playing catch up... Almost there... Anyway there is some catching up to do here on the blog since it has been so long since my last post. So here we go....

First, I will like to congratulate our boys in Candlelight Red who WON the KISS contest!!! They opened for the rock legends and from what I hear tore up the stage! I was not able to make it to PA myself but would like to give Candle Light proper respects for their victory. They have sure worked hard, paid their dues and they deserved it. GOOD JOB GUYS!!

For those of you who do not know already, Screaming Ink has a new phone number. SI's old number is no longer in service PLEASE BE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR CONTACT INFO! IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOT TRY OR MISTAKENLY CALL THE OLD NUMBER!! Thank you all for your cooperation and understanding. Screaming Ink's new phone number is 774-269-1848.

Like I said before, Screaming Ink is very close to getting all caught up with our print work so keep an eye on this blog. There may be a contest very soon where you could win yourself some FREE MERCHANDISE!!

Well I gotta run, Catch you all later! :)

Monday, July 5, 2010


YOU WANTED THE BEST! YOU GOT THE BEST! Now you all now have the power to see to it that the BEST have a chance to open for the BEST!

GO TO And vote for one of the hardert working talented bands that I know! CANDLELIGHT RED! I am happy to say that, Sreaming Ink is a proud sponsor of CANDLELIGHT RED! By casting your vote you will be helping these hard working guys grace the same stage as the almighty KISS! Take it from me, THESE GUYSE DESERVE THIS! SO GO CAST YOUR VOTE NOW!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Get Married....Mission Complete!

Well folks I am a married man! My print shop is open once again so bring on the orders!

Let me just say the ceremony was a huge success! The crew from Winslow Shire did an UNBELIEVABLE job and made the wedding a beautiful and enjoyable day for all our friends and family!

Keep an eye on my personal facebook page for all the photos that I am going to collect from all in attendance that were running around with cameras, also keep an eye out for our professional pics taken by our great photographer and friend Che. I am looking forward to seeing what good pics people have.

Also before I go I would like to give a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU!!! To a certain few people that made Erica and my special day what it was! I have been told not to reveal any names, But all I will say is two of these people have come to my rescue on several occasions in my many times of need and there is really no words to describe how much I appreciate all the selfless help these people has provided me over the years except to say THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will be repaying these acts however I can! (Not that that person has ever ask for so much as a penny in return.) I hope you are reading this so you know how very much myself and my new wife Thank You! If you are not reading this, you will be when you receive your insanity over sized THANK YOU CARD in the mail! And a big Thank You to all who provided their help with our wedding your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hey bloggers, I know it has been a while since I have put up a new blog. That is due to the fact that this Saturday the 26th of June, I, Screaming Ink's fearless leader will be GETTING MARRIED!!

If you are not already aware... Due to the wedding technically Screaming Ink has been closed since Monday June 21st (with very few exceptions.) and will be reopening and running full force on Monday June 28th.

Before I wrap up this blog I would like to give a shout out to WINSLOW SHIRE RENAISSANCE FAIRE located at Winslow Farms In Norton MA. Winslow Farms is a high quality "stay-for-life" animal sanctuary, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and care of mistreated and abandoned animals, to promote the prevention of animal mistreatment through quality educational programs and events, and to advocate the preservation of wildlife habitat. Screaming Ink is a proud donater of the Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary and I am also proud and happy to say that our wedding will be taking place at this very faire! A special thanks to Richard and Gia Saulnier for all their hard work and help not only running the faire to make it the best it can be. But also for running and putting our wedding together! All your hard work I am sure will shine and not go unnoticed come Saturday! See you there!!

Be sure to visit and for all you need to know about The farm and the faire.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Screaming Ink would like to give an honorable Metal "SCREAM" to our fallen metal GOD Mr. Ronnie James Dio. I did not have the pleasure of knowing Ronnie personally but from what I understand we lost a great man, and know for a fact that we lost a great musician and voice. RIP Dio.

By the way, as far as I am concerned Ronnie James is fully responsible for the founding and rising of the well known metal symbol "The Devil Horns" Gene Simmons can suck a nut!! Ronnie James Dio...You will be missed :(

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Madman Contest!!!

Hey bloggers! Screaming Ink is proud to present and sponsor...

Some would call him a sideshow entertainer, however Ses prefers to not be labeled as only one entertainment form. While this site is mainly dedicated to Ses's Live Performance, we also accept audition submissions for his acting.

Whether you are looking for a full on, highly entertaining variety style stage show, or something smaller such as roaming evil clown entertainment, The American Madman™ is your one stop source for all your entertainment needs.
Hit up and check out his past credentials, quotes, referrals, etc... and see for yourself why The American Madman™ is a “master of pain management, gut busting laughter and 100% guaranteed entertainment like you have never seen before”.

Ses Carny is based in the south-east of Massachusetts, U.S.A....
*******WARNING! Many of the stunts that The American Madman™ performs can be highly dangerous or even fatal if attempted without proper knowledge of how to perform the act. We will not be resposible for any accidents that occur from anyone attempting these stunts. The videos and photos on this site are for reference of Ses Carny's show, ONLY. DO NOT TRY ANYTHING you see on this web site!**********

CONTEST-Add yourself and follow This blog "A Blog That SCREAMS!" And win a FREE Ses Carny (sponsored by Screaming Ink) tee shirt. It is that easy! click a button win a tee shirt. (you just pay shipping) local contest winners can pick up at Screaming Ink's print shop in Middleboro MA! Contact us with any questions you may have about this contest.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Hello everyone, I wold just like to make a post regarding Screaming Ink's standard turn around. Our standard turn around is 7 to 10 business days in shop that 7 to 10 business days does not include shipping time. Please plan accordingly when placing your order to ensure our shop will have plenty of time to print your job correctly and to the highest quality.

If you need your order sooner than our standard turn around we would be happy to help and meet your deadline rush fees will apply in this case.

We always are here and want to help our customers, but due to some recent events, and the fact that some people just don't appreciate favors out of kindness, we can no longer afford to put customers who have paid just the same as everyone else on the back burner while other customers take advantage of our owners kindness.

Rush fees will be as followed...

9 days 10% of total bill
8 days 20% of total bill
7 days 30% of total bill
6 days 40% of total bill
5 days 50% of total bill
4 days 60% of total bill
3 days 70% of total bill
2 days 80% of total bill
1 day 90% of total bill
day of order (no shipping) double the total of the bill

These fees will be added on top of any rush shipping that your order may require to get it to you on time. That shipping will be paid for by the customer.

Please note that these fees apply to times when we are very busy and can't afford to push a job ahead of our schedule for free. If you need a job by a certain date PLEASE ASK US how busy we are. We may be able to help for free. If we are not busy we most likely will push a job out far sooner than 7 to 10 business days.

Thank you for your understanding

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Water based ink

Screaming Ink is excited to now offer water based ink. Unlike plastisol ink, water bases inks have a very soft feel to it. Sometimes depending on the print it will feel like there is no print there at all, due to the fact that water based inks dye the garment rather than sit on top of it like plastisol ink.
check out the link below to learn more.

Copy and paste into your address box...

Check out our first jobs printed with this new ink.

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Stuff 4-27-10

As you may or may not know Screaming Ink can now print over zippers in order to print full front prints on full zipper hoodies.

We just did a job where we were required to print on whoopee cushions. Screaming Ink has never printed ANYTHING even close to that. Needless to say after some stressful research and a wrestling match with because of their computer system screwing up, marking the order as shipped when it didn't, setting me back a week or so. Then the wrong ink ( I'm sorry that's not fair, it wasn't the wrong ink. Someone just recommended ink that wasn't the best recommendati
on for the job. It could have been used..... riiiiiight, tell that to the cracks in the ink when we used it.) So they sent me out the RIGHT ink with 1 day to spare to get even a part of the job done. Even after all that, Super Dave pulled through with no prior knowledge of whoopee cushion printing and was able to push out at least half the order so some could be ready for the needed event. They came out really nice.

With the headache of that job brings the potential to print on other items such as coffee mugs, wooden signs, vinyl signs, coroplast signs, etc.

Screaming Ink will also be building a new exposure unit. It will be built with large screens in mind making it possible to print the whole front of garments not just generally the chest area like we currently are limited to printing.

We are also currently waiting for a shipment to arrive. When it gets here we will be doing trial runs of 1 color screen printed vinyl stickers and 1 color screen printed vinyl magnets.

SI will keep you posted on how the trails go.
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Welcome Everyone! Dave here, I will be your guide into the fun, exciting, and miraculous world that I built called Screaming Ink. Screaming Ink is a Screen Printing company dedicated to satisfing not only all your Screen Printing needs but we try to supply with anything you may need so you don't have to go to 100 places to get the merch you require. I have been known to order new supplies and learn new printing methods just to make 1 customer happy. That is the personal dedication we offer and give to every customer. I started Screaming Ink right out of collage in '06. I have been printing since '99. I am pretty much self taught. The ropes were shown to me by my boss Brian. With the help of my Beautiful bride to be Erica, brother in Law Jon, my brother from another mother Jason, and the newly added sponsorship we now have with Mr. Ses Carny. I continue to build my skills to offer my customers as much as I possibly can.

This blog will be your insight into what I am up to as far as new items Screaming Ink is offering, up and coming sponsored events, where Screaming Ink will be. If we will have a booth at an event you will know, so you can be sure to come by and get yourself a tee shirt, plus any and all the information you will need to enter Screaming Ink contests so you can win yourself some FREE merchandise!!