Friday, October 8, 2010

Nes Clothing is making Screaming Ink's owner and customers SCREAM!

Screaming Ink would like to apologize for NES CLOTHING'S incompetence lately. If you are a current customer or a potential future customer NES has been dropping the ball lately, I am pretty sick of it. Even though it is not my fault, when a customer wants a specific item, I say no problem, and I go to order it and it is out of stock either in the,color I need, or is out of stock in one particular size, it makes me look like a jack ass. They are a clothing provider, when they are out of stock on the most common items like black and white tee shirts!! that is like walking into a restaurant and being told they can't serve you because they are out of food. NES Clothing, you need to get on the ball, or Screaming Ink will be in search of a new clothing provider!
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