Monday, April 26, 2010

New Stuff 4-27-10

As you may or may not know Screaming Ink can now print over zippers in order to print full front prints on full zipper hoodies.

We just did a job where we were required to print on whoopee cushions. Screaming Ink has never printed ANYTHING even close to that. Needless to say after some stressful research and a wrestling match with because of their computer system screwing up, marking the order as shipped when it didn't, setting me back a week or so. Then the wrong ink ( I'm sorry that's not fair, it wasn't the wrong ink. Someone just recommended ink that wasn't the best recommendati
on for the job. It could have been used..... riiiiiight, tell that to the cracks in the ink when we used it.) So they sent me out the RIGHT ink with 1 day to spare to get even a part of the job done. Even after all that, Super Dave pulled through with no prior knowledge of whoopee cushion printing and was able to push out at least half the order so some could be ready for the needed event. They came out really nice.

With the headache of that job brings the potential to print on other items such as coffee mugs, wooden signs, vinyl signs, coroplast signs, etc.

Screaming Ink will also be building a new exposure unit. It will be built with large screens in mind making it possible to print the whole front of garments not just generally the chest area like we currently are limited to printing.

We are also currently waiting for a shipment to arrive. When it gets here we will be doing trial runs of 1 color screen printed vinyl stickers and 1 color screen printed vinyl magnets.

SI will keep you posted on how the trails go.
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