Monday, April 26, 2010


Welcome Everyone! Dave here, I will be your guide into the fun, exciting, and miraculous world that I built called Screaming Ink. Screaming Ink is a Screen Printing company dedicated to satisfing not only all your Screen Printing needs but we try to supply with anything you may need so you don't have to go to 100 places to get the merch you require. I have been known to order new supplies and learn new printing methods just to make 1 customer happy. That is the personal dedication we offer and give to every customer. I started Screaming Ink right out of collage in '06. I have been printing since '99. I am pretty much self taught. The ropes were shown to me by my boss Brian. With the help of my Beautiful bride to be Erica, brother in Law Jon, my brother from another mother Jason, and the newly added sponsorship we now have with Mr. Ses Carny. I continue to build my skills to offer my customers as much as I possibly can.

This blog will be your insight into what I am up to as far as new items Screaming Ink is offering, up and coming sponsored events, where Screaming Ink will be. If we will have a booth at an event you will know, so you can be sure to come by and get yourself a tee shirt, plus any and all the information you will need to enter Screaming Ink contests so you can win yourself some FREE merchandise!!


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